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Lords of Britannia

Way back in 2008, I was introduced to tabletop gaming. Before then, I thought that Risk was the most complex, epic board game in existence. Now I realize that it is just a gateway game into a much larger world. My first "real" game was Axis & Allies by Avalon Hill, followed closely by Fantasy Flight Games’ Twilight Imperium (Still my favorite game of all time!).

I loved these games, but I wished that there was something that could combine the intrigue and complexity of Twilight Imperium with Axis & Allies’ combat mechanism. That was all it took: I spent my commute time for the next few months working out the framework for a new game set in the Middle Ages that would allow players to experience life as a feudal lord. Lords of Britannia was born.

In the ten years since its conception, Lords of Britannia has been a constant (if slow) project. I’ve had to balance out the unrealistic length and complexity required for a true simulation game with the lack of precise realism necessary for enjoyable gameplay, but I believe the compromise that I’ve found provides both a fun and educational experience.

Lords of Britannia is currently in playtesting, and I hope to begin a Kickstarter campaign next year. You can listen to the game’s audio trailer below.

Lords of Britannia audio trailer